Disneyland Birthday Celebration

August 26th, 2014

Disneyland Birthday CelebrationThis month is a big month for Disneyland. ‘It’s a Small World’ celebrates 50 years in the park. This beloved ride was created by Walt Disney in 1964 for the World’s Fair in New York. Disney’s goal was to create and display his childlike vision of the world. “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” was also created by Disney for the 1964 World’s Fair. This audio-visual exhibit highlights the largest theme of Lincoln’s presidency, slavery, although the word is only used once in the entire 15 minute display.

‘It’s a Small World’ after its debut at the World’s Fair was rebuilt in Disneyland where it remains today. Capturing the era in which it was created and the hearts of many visitors, this exhibit has had around 300 million people visit this ride. The musical accompaniment is the work of the Sherman Brothers. They also composed music for the hit shows Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the ever popular Mary Poppins.

We must also acknowledge the celebration of Matterhorn Bobsleds which turns 55 this month along with the Haunted Mansion which is celebrating 45 years. Big Thunder Mountain is another attraction that has been around for a while, hitting the big three – five next month. Join in the Disneyland birthday celebration and book your trip now. Reservations for your Disneyland hotel can be made quickly and easily on our website. We hope to see you soon!

LA Angels Baseball

July 22nd, 2014

LA Angels BaseballThe Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have become a favorite baseball team among baseball goers along the West coast. Having clinched eight division titles (1979, 1982, 1986, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2009) most of which have been in the past few years they have slowly proven their position is deserved at second place in the American League West. With only one World Series to their name, which was earned in 2002, they continue to fight each night for a spot in the playoffs.

The organization became part of Major League Baseball in 1961 thanks to Gene Autry. Last year was the eleventh straight year that the franchise drew more than three million attendees, a feat second only to the New York Yankees, showing the loyalty of their fans.

While visiting Anaheim, treat yourself to an enjoyable game at Angels Stadium of Anaheim. Have a foot long hot dog and a beer while you relax under the lights of the stadium. This week the Angels take on the Baltimore Orioles followed by the Detroit Tigers this weekend. Tickets are available online so buy yours today.

New Addition to Anaheim Breweries

July 17th, 2014

New Addition to Anaheim BreweriesBig news in Anaheim this week, Legends Craft Brewery has chosen to open shop in Anaheim. With the anticipated opening only 90 days away it reminds us of all the other great breweries in the area to visit. Here is our short list of local breweries to try out before you head over to Legends.

-          Noble Ale Works: Located in the heart of Anaheim, this hot spot is known not only for their Naughty Sauce but also for their great customer service.

-          Anaheim Brewery: A brewery at its finest and a local’s favorite spot. Try the 1888.

-          Old Orange Brewing Company: Great tasting room tucked away from the street. Incredible atmosphere and perfect place to chill out with some friends.

-          Valiant Brewing Company: Excellent service with excellent beer. Serving five different core beers that leave you coming back for more.

-          Bottle Logic Brewing: The best of both worlds, good food and great beer. Great ambiance with creative and interesting beers. They never cease to amaze.

Head out this week/weekend and try a couple of our fantastic local breweries. As always, drink responsibly and know your limits. Feel free to contact our front desk and we will be happy to call a cab to bring you back to the hotel.

Little Known Facts About Disneyland

July 12th, 2014

Little Known Facts About DisneylandDisneyland is not only a fun place for a family vacation, it is also an extensive park with lots of history and there are quite a few little known facts about Disneyland that we are happy to share with you. While there are many rumors many are unaware of the simple facts of everyday happenings in the park such as the underground tunnel system that helps employees and characters navigate to and from areas all over the park without having to fight the crowds.

Did you know about Walt’s personal apartment above the fire station on Main Street? Walt was adamant about overseeing work done at Disneyland so much that he would often stay overnight at the park. If you look in the window you will see an ever burning candle/light to signify Walt’s presence at the park. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was the last project Walt personally oversaw during construction before passing away.

Since its opening in 1955, Disneyland has continued to grow exponentially. When the gates were first opened, only 18 attractions existed in the park. Today the park is approximately 85 acres with more than 60 attractions and welcomes 65,000 visitors on a daily basis. This totals 10 to 12 million visitors a year.

While you are enjoying your vacation, look around and see what other small things exist that you might not have noticed before. We are sure you will find a few things that normally misses the average vacationer’s eye.

The Monkey Zoo

July 3rd, 2014

Santa Ana ZooMickey Mouse is popular here in Anaheim but why not check out some of our other animals while in town? Smaller than the LA zoo, the Santa Ana Zoo takes up approximately 20 acres and packs a punch with its many exhibits and keeps you from fighting the ever congested traffic AND…. Parking is FREE!

Take a walk through the Rainforest Exhibit and explore the White Faced Saki Monkeys or the Green Iguana. The Amazon’s Edge replicates the Brazilian rainforests and has a water moat, a wooden deck for viewing the animals and exotic animals such as the black necked swans. The Crean Family Farm is not what you would normally find in a zoo. This exhibit focuses on rare breeds of farm animals and is complete with a two-two story red barn.

Be sure to check out the parrot show while you visit, very interesting and entertaining for the kids. Also, enjoy the rare Giant Anteater. It’s pretty big! Hop on the train and get the lay of the land before you head out on foot.

The Zoo is open daily except for Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving. During the summer, weekend hours are extended to 6 pm to provide more viewing time for summer visitors. Check out more information regarding events on their website.

Closest Hotel To Disneyland

June 22nd, 2014

Closest Hotel to DisneylandYou have your vacation almost planned out. There is only one thing missing. Your hotel of choice. Why not stay somewhere that is clean, comfortable and only steps from the gates of Disneyland?  After a long day of walking around the park and having the time of your lives, who wants a long commute to get to a hot shower and relaxation?

Park Place Inn & Mini-Suites is the closest hotel to Disneyland. That means, less walking for you, early arrival and a convenient location when you need that afternoon, pick-me-up nap. We also guarantee to give you more bang for your buck. Vacations can get pricey and that’s where we can help. We won’t break the bank for a comfortable stay. With the amenities, accommodating staff and clean rooms that you would find at a first class resort, we offer great rates that beat those of a first class resort.

Our online reservations are easy and convenient and we offer special rates for AAA members and AARP members. Need help with tickets, information about the park, or anything else in the area? Just stop by our front desk. We are happy to help make your vacation easier for you so that you have a more memorable and enjoyable time.

Book your Disneyland vacation hotel with us now. We look forward to seeing you!

Stay Safe at Disneyland

June 14th, 2014

Stay Safe at DisneylandWhen gearing up for your Disneyland Vacation, be sure to put safety first. We have a few safety tips for you to ensure a great memorable trip for the whole family.

First, have a designated meeting spot and make sure every family member knows how to get there. Should anyone become lost or get separated from the group, this allows everyone to meet up again without confusion.

Secondly, for children under 18 years old, make sure they all have some form of identification. This should include name, a contact phone number, medical conditions, etc. You can safety pin this inside the clothes of a little one or write it on their skin and cover it with clear nail polish (to protect from washing away)

Teach your children how to identify park staff and cast members. Talk to them about reaching out to park employees in the event of an emergency. Park staff are prepared to handle any situation that should arise and kids should feel comfortable going to them for help.

Pictures, pictures, pictures. Vacation is all about pictures. Be sure to take a picture in the morning before heading out to the park. This helps with the picture quota required for each family vacation but it also gives you a current picture of each family member and helps you remember what everyone is wearing should you need that information. It is a good idea for everyone to wear the same color. You don’t have to have matching shirts but if everyone wears blue, or green, it is easier to remember and be able to identify family members.

And of course, drink plenty of water and protect your skin from the sun. Summer is hot and has very intense sun. Several hours outside can leave you dehydrated and sunburned. Take precautions and bring your sunscreen with you to apply throughout the day.

Tips for Packing for Disneyland

June 6th, 2014

Disney Packing TipsIt is time to start packing for your Disneyland Vacation. You have your camera, sunglasses, shorts, tank top, underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste. What else could you possibly need?! Take a look at these few things that may make your vacation a little more enjoyable.

  1. Snacks: Avoid sticker shock and come prepared with snacks. Food prices in the park can be high so bring along a few energy bars, beef jerky and perhaps some apples. Walking around all day will surely work up an appetite for you and all the little ones.
  2. Water shoes: You will spend most of your day walking so you want to have on comfortable shoes but do your shoes do well on water rides? Avoid having heavy soaking wet tennis shoes and try bringing a pair of water sandals/shoes with you. It will not only be cooler but your feet will thank you.
  3. Sunscreen/hat: Hours upon hours of being in the sun can be very harmful and damaging to your skin. Be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen. Between sweat and water rides, sunscreen needs to be applied throughout the day so be sure to put it in your backpack and bring it in the park with you.
  4. Ponchos: We hope it does not rain on your parade but if it does, be prepared. Ponchos inside the park can cost you an arm and a leg vs. $2 at your local Wal-Mart or Target. Err on the safe side and bring a few with you.
  5. Neck Wallet: Yes, this may be a family friendly vacation but not everyone abides by those rules. Avoid pick-pocketers and wear you wallet around your neck. If the kids are worried you will embarrass them, trust us, it is the cool thing to do inside the park!

The Royal Treatment for Mom this Mother’s Day

May 7th, 2014

mothersdayIt’s Mother’s Day ladies and gentlemen! It is time to celebrate Mom and show her just how special she is to you. We have a few ideas for you to help thank Mom for all that she is and all that she does in your life.

For starters, Disneyland has several restaurants that are offering a special Mother’s Day meal in honor of all the great Moms out there. Carnation Cafe, Plaza Inn, and Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square is cooking up a few special menu items this weekend only. The Storyteller’s Cafe at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel is hosting a special brunch buffet. With specialty items to include roasted Salmon, brioche French toast, fresh seasonal berries and much, much more, Mom is sure to love this exquisite meal.

Treat Mom to the royal treatment this year. Disneyland’s Mother’s Day Royal Buffet, an annual event that is among the most popular Mother’s Day events, will make mom feel like Royalty. Hosted at the Grand Ballroom in Disneyland Hotel, Cinderella and her Princess Friends will join you for the royal feast.

Royalty in Anaheim isn’t in short supply this weekend. Hilton Anaheim’s Mix Restaurant and Lounge is hosting their annual British themed champagne brunch from 10:30am to 3pm. Take mom out and let her be the Queen for the day at this delicious and immaculate brunch. Be sure to capture the moment with Mom on her custom-built royal throne at the entrance. It will be a day she won’t forget.

Disneyland Tips

April 25th, 2014

disneyland-tips-fireworks-lYou have planned your trip, the kids will be out of school soon and all you need to do is pack your bags before you are off on your long awaited Disneyland vacation. But before you jet out the door, we have a few helpful hints to make your vacation even better.

First, we all know that places such as Disneyland become extremely crowded during the  peak season. To help you handle the crowds and allow you to have just as much fun we suggest that you get to the park early. Gates open at 8 am during the summer. A little known fact is that the crowds don’t show up until 11:30am! this gives you a few hours in the morning to enjoy all of the popular rides without the long lines.

Afraid you can’t last all day? No worries, just come back to the hotel and grab yourself a nap in the middle of the day. Crowds tend to taper off towards dinner time which gives you the evening to enjoy the park all the way up until midnight. What more could you want? Cool breezes, fewer crowds, fireworks, parades!?

Another way to avoid the long lines is what is known as the Fastpass. This little ticket helps you jump ahead of the lines. All you need to do is get your ticket from a Fastpass Ticket machine for the ride you want, return to the ride at the time stated on the ticket and you get to hop on the ride with little or no wait. Just keep in mind, you can only have on Fastpass at at time and the popular rides tend to book up early so use that early morning time to grab your Fastpass.

If your feet are tired from all the adventure, grab a show. What better way to relax and recharge than sitting in a comfortable chair in air conditioning while watching Disney’s top rated performers?

Be sure to check out our website for our upcoming deals and specials. It will make your stay that much sweeter!


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