Stay Safe at Disneyland

Stay Safe at DisneylandWhen gearing up for your Disneyland Vacation, be sure to put safety first. We have a few safety tips for you to ensure a great memorable trip for the whole family.

First, have a designated meeting spot and make sure every family member knows how to get there. Should anyone become lost or get separated from the group, this allows everyone to meet up again without confusion.

Secondly, for children under 18 years old, make sure they all have some form of identification. This should include name, a contact phone number, medical conditions, etc. You can safety pin this inside the clothes of a little one or write it on their skin and cover it with clear nail polish (to protect from washing away)

Teach your children how to identify park staff and cast members. Talk to them about reaching out to park employees in the event of an emergency. Park staff are prepared to handle any situation that should arise and kids should feel comfortable going to them for help.

Pictures, pictures, pictures. Vacation is all about pictures. Be sure to take a picture in the morning before heading out to the park. This helps with the picture quota required for each family vacation but it also gives you a current picture of each family member and helps you remember what everyone is wearing should you need that information. It is a good idea for everyone to wear the same color. You don’t have to have matching shirts but if everyone wears blue, or green, it is easier to remember and be able to identify family members.

And of course, drink plenty of water and protect your skin from the sun. Summer is hot and has very intense sun. Several hours outside can leave you dehydrated and sunburned. Take precautions and bring your sunscreen with you to apply throughout the day.


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    “I have stayed here for the past 17 years and it only gets better.  The service is great!  The rooms are clean and updated, and its very close to Disneyland, oh and great breakfast…”

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    “Our family of 12 stayed for a total of 8 night.  From check in to departure the staff was extremely helpful and our rooms were kept spotless.  The hotel has undergone a recent renovation/ update so every room looked brand new…”

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