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  1. Disneyland® Resort Diamond Celebration

    For 60 years, there’s been one place where friends and families shine together…smiles sparkle…and dreams really do come true. And beginning May 22, when the Disneyland® Resort Diamond Celebration gets underway, those dreams will come true in amazing and unforgettable new ways. Prepare to be dazzled by exciting new entertainment experiences—like the new Paint The…

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  2. Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland

    The marathons aren’t over just yet. This weekend is the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend. With fun for all ages, this is the perfect weekend event for the family. The fun begins with a character-filled welcome party. Buy your tickets today for the Wookie Welcome Party featuring a dessert reception, special admission to select rides…

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  3. Disneyland Spooktacular

    We all love Disneyland and what is not to love about its Halloween make over. With spooky decor and holiday themed rides, it is the perfect time to enjoy a few thrills and chills at Disneyland while getting into the Halloween spirit. While you are at the park there are many activities for the whole…

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  4. Disneyland Birthday Celebration

    This month is a big month for Disneyland. ‘It’s a Small World’ celebrates 50 years in the park. This beloved ride was created by Walt Disney in 1964 for the World’s Fair in New York. Disney’s goal was to create and display his childlike vision of the world. “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” was also…

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  5. Little Known Facts About Disneyland

    Disneyland is not only a fun place for a family vacation, it is also an extensive park with lots of history and there are quite a few little known facts about Disneyland that we are happy to share with you. While there are many rumors many are unaware of the simple facts of everyday happenings…

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  6. Closest Hotel To Disneyland

    Best value

    You have your vacation almost planned out. There is only one thing missing. Your hotel of choice. Why not stay somewhere that is clean, comfortable and only steps from the gates of Disneyland?  After a long day of walking around the park and having the time of your lives, who wants a long commute to…

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  7. Stay Safe at Disneyland

    When gearing up for your Disneyland Vacation, be sure to put safety first. We have a few safety tips for you to ensure a great memorable trip for the whole family. First, have a designated meeting spot and make sure every family member knows how to get there. Should anyone become lost or get separated…

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  8. Tips for Packing for Disneyland

    It is time to start packing for your Disneyland Vacation. You have your camera, sunglasses, shorts, tank top, underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste. What else could you possibly need?! Take a look at these few things that may make your vacation a little more enjoyable. Snacks: Avoid sticker shock and come prepared with snacks. Food prices…

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  9. Disneyland Tips

    You have planned your trip, the kids will be out of school soon and all you need to do is pack your bags before you are off on your long awaited Disneyland vacation. But before you jet out the door, we have a few helpful hints to make your vacation even better. First, we all…

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