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Anaheim Coves Lincoln Trailhead

2999 Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806

Located along the Santa Ana River between Frontera Street and Ball Road, this magnificent 26-acre nature park was created by the Orage County Flood Control District, the Orange County Water District, and Southern California Edison. Anaheim Cover Lincoln Trailhead offers 2.5 miles of accessible fitness zones, a multi-use trail system, native habitat, picnic tables, educational amenities, and an archeological dig and zipline in a nature play area.

Anaheim Coves Lincoln is a 4.7 k trail that is generally considered an easy route and takes around 55 minutes to complete. This trailhead is very popular for its birding opportunities, road biking, and running trails, and its scenic views are available all year round for you to visit with your loved ones and pets (dogs must be on a leash). This park also features signs with fitness zones (you can scan for videos), benches, native plants, educational plants, and the Explore’s Cove playground.

The park has two entrances off Lincoln Ave and Ball Road. They both have free parking lots and restrooms. Lincoln Ave offers the closest parking to the playground. To get to Explore’s Cove, go through the gate, turn left, down, take the tunnel under Lincoln Ave. and follow the paved path until you get to the playground (you can also find the fitness stations along the way). Explore’s Cove has sand with fossils to find, a climbing net, a boulder, play structures, and a zipline. Picnic tables are also available at the playground.

The Anaheim Coves Trail starts when you go south through the nearby parking lot. When you reach a gate with a small opening to the 14 acres that make up the trail, after this gate, there’s another one about 1000 feet South and goes to the unofficial entry point in South Street, which runs both east and west.


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