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Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Anaheim

This post is for lovers of comforting Vietnamese broth bowls full of fresh ingredients. With bold and striking colors, unique aromas, and age-old tradition packed into every dish, Vietnamese cuisine carries an authenticity few can match. We put together this list of the best places to eat, the best PHO, and other Vietnamese food in town. Keep reading if you want to try the best Vietnamese food in Anaheim.

Pho Vina

Instagram | (714) 777-3785

5773 E La Palma Ave Anaheim, CA 92807

This Asian restaurant has captivated us with its mixture of Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine; this place has a relaxed vibe, making it a perfect spot to come and have a very relaxing time. They have a wide variety of Vietnamese dishes, but their specialty (as stated in their name) is Pho.

If you visit, you should try one of their most popular dishes: Pho Tai, Spring Rolls, Pho Ga, Diced Garlic Steak Salad, Pho Dac Biet, and Charbroiled Pork Vermicelli. And if you’d like to share, you can try their famous Eggroll Tray or Chow Mein Tray.

Pho Vina is ready to serve traditional Vietnamese food in a beautiful chic restaurant that you’ll never feel like leaving.

Le Kitchen Pho and Rice

Website | (714) 603-7962

10692 Katella Avenue Anaheim, CA 92804

This restaurant serves Classic Vietnamese dishes with a slight fusion twist. No artificial flavoring and only fresh ingredients cooked to perfection. Oozing with sophistication and character, Le Kitchen Pho and Rice is a cute modern Vietnamese restaurant with delicious food.

They have different types of Pho soups, noodles, rice, and appetizers. But their specialty is Banh Mi Chao (Cubed steak, fried eggs, pate sauce, Swiss cheese, Vietnamese meatballs, and sausage served with French baguette).

If you have never tried Vietnamese cuisine, try this restaurant. Nothing is better than perfectly cooked spring rolls, tender garlic rice, or homemade beef. Try their extraordinary Thai iced tea, excellent iced tea, or magnificent iced coffee.

Thuyền Viên Vegetarian Restaurant

Website | (714) 490-0242

1740 S. Euclid St., Anaheim, CA 92802

If you’re either a long-time vegetarian or just trying it out for fun, Thuyền Viên Vegetarian Restaurant was made just for you. An absolute must for anyone craving a filling and authentic Vietnamese bite with a vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu.

Their Vietnamese soups, tofu dishes, Thai curry, and specialties like banana flower tacos and vegan flan are to die for.

Thuyền Viên Vegetarian Restaurant delivers one of Anaheim’s best places for a quick and vegetarian Vietnamese bite. This restaurant is well-known for serving fresh and delicious Vietnamese cuisine.


Phở 94 Restaurant

Facebook | (714) 758-8277

619 N Euclid St Anaheim, CA 92801

You can not get more authentic than generations of a Vietnamese families passing down their recipes to create one beautiful never-ending menu. Phở 94 Restaurant is just that spot, and they are a must-try if you aren’t an ardent fan already.

If you visit, make sure you try their Chicken Pho, Rare Steak Pho, egg rolls, and spring rolls. A great iced tea or delicious Thai tea will make your meal tastier, and you’ll surely come back.

The menu of this restaurant is recommended to all Vietnamese cuisine lovers. Fast service is something visitors appreciate here, and prices are very affordable.

Soup Shop

Website | +1 714-603-7802

214 S State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806, United States

This restaurant’s passion for food comes first and business second. They are a chef-driven restaurant. Offering their services in 4 different places around California, Soup Shop always serves delicious meals.

We fell in love with the Crunchy Pork Bao, Pho Rib Bones, and Crawfish Garlic Noodle. And we obviously needed to grab their well-known Jasmine Milk Tea Boba and Thai Tea.

They have two establishments in Anaheim, but you can also find them in South Gate and Gardena. We invite you to visit your nearest Soup Shop for an unforgettable culinary experience.

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